Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 5: The Work Space

So between being sick followed by laziness and self pity I have fallen out of my routine a bit. But I do plan to finish posting for the week! At least seven posts and then starting again with my weekly tuesday one. So I thought for now it would be a better idea to show my workspace while im finishing things up for other posts. I hate to have an unfinished post and even this is killing me!

Let me start by saying I need a desk. I have taken over the dinning room table and no matter how much I clean, things just reappear the following morning. I have also received quite the collection of donated magazines. I have a million under my bed and a bunch I havent even opened yet that are waiting for me. Next week i'll be collaging portraits like a fiend!

Lastly, a photo of all the SCBWI magazines I've managed to collect so far. They have been so helpful in inspiring me to continue the good fight. Some I do need to get rid of so if any book illustrators are interested I can put them aside for you. Just as a warning im totally cutting a few of the covers and keeping them for myself.

My workspace!

Some artwork I have been working on or trying to finish. In a moment of boredom I made two of my friends into paper dolls.

My collections of Magazines!