Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Update to Restart

This would have to be the longest ive gone without blogging since college. This year has proved to be challenging in so many ways. Here's a few things I have gone through since January. For one I changed jobs. Im now working full time as a graphic designer. Everyone I work with is pretty amazing and I get to play with repeats and patterns on illustrator all day. I live with my boyfriend now who is not only a great individual but is also a health freak with a diet that is heavenly for all my stomach issues. I also have access to an unlimited amount of band t-shirts (ammmazzinnnggg). Obviously there's been a bit of bumps in the road with sick friends and a few car accidents but ultimately its been a very optimistic year. The worst incident involving my mac book pro and a bottle of water.(Yes I have a new computer!) Coming up I have a wedding in August, October, November and December in which i'm a bridesmaid for two and helping one design invites and a few table items for.

With everything going on I really don't want to loose track of who I am as an illustrator and where I want to go with it. After my class at RISD I came to the conclusion that I need more confidence in my work, not more school. So now i'm back to tuesday blogging to get me back on track. Today is just a few patterns ive been playing around with at work to practice a bit more with my textile skills in illustrator.