Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Informative Update

In the last week or so I have gotten so much completed and yet nothing at all. Preparing for a craft fair, taking on a third job and taking part in projects to get my portfolio updated before I start classes at RISD in the spring.

So for this post I wanted to share the first project ive been involved in. PiBoldMo is a blog that makes weekly posts in november about writing stories for children and young adults. Registration ended the 7th but anyone can still be part of writing a story a day for the month of november and being part of the conversation. If you did register your eligible for prizes. (I would have posted this much sooner but I found out two hours before registration was closed!) Then start 12 x 12 in january which is a project where you pick 12 stories from PiBoldMo and make each into a book dummy. (One each month of the year) Its a great exercise even if half of them turn out terribly. Its really just to get ideas on paper. I hope for those of you who read my blog, will join in the fun too!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Its getting tedious in here.

More Tiny jewelry treats for the holiday seasons. I do need to buy more earring backs and necklace chains but so far I really like what I came up with. Opinions for certain holiday/thanksgiving/christmas foods are always welcomed!