Monday, April 29, 2013

Filler Post

This week's post will be pretty short and a day early. This week especially has been a little off.  My mac book pro had a mini breakdown and turns out the logic bored decided to die. (Yes! Warranty!) It's not too bad besides the fact that Im without any adobe programs and scanner for the next week. On top of it Im scrambling to get my work together for a second interview tomorrow morning. As far as art goes here's some examples of painting's in Adobe Illustrator. I made these funky roosters for an interview a while back. I discovered after much turmoil that I could have made them in Photoshop but it did benefit my abilities in illustrator n_n

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poster Design

I suppose as far as design goes it has been a decent past month. Im having my 3rd interview tomorrow and i was accepted into The Creative Group to help build my experience. Now hopefully I can get a every day/ stable job so im not constantly on edge. I love freelancing and I will always have small jobs but for the moment I have decided to go the desk job route.

For tomorrow's interview I came up with a bunch of new designs. Here's two, the others are still in progress. I thought I could use my past experience as a mentor and sustainable adviser to show designs I was hired to make. As a sustainable (eco rep) for Pratt I did have to make posters for events every now and then but they weren't very good...So here's a different take on them that is more to the level im at now.

Monday, April 15, 2013

This and That

Here's a few different things I have been working on here and there. The first was a birthday card for my mom. The second was a commission and the third was a sketch for a painting that went horrible, horribly wrong.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Delicious Birthday

This weeks post is very much like last weeks in what I am showing. Both weeks I had a birthday party to go to for two different one year olds. They were both very adorable! My mom and me decided to get a wood crib for both and paint them differently. This past one was the final birthday for my cousins daughter, Ava. I painted gerbil daisies on her's and attached a purple card made on adobe illustrator.

Since you all know how much I love food you should also appreciate the super cute dessert table that was at this party. I got a few photos of it that really doesn't do it justice. But it had inspired me greatly. I am currently working on a tea party painting but I wont show it till next tuesday due to the size being fairly larger then planned.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Here's your Easter Egg

Today will be my yearly easter post! If you want to see past ones just click 2012 or 2011. This is always a chaotic time of year for me and having easter come early did not help. It's near tax time, lots of birthdays and I can't neglect my niece and her want for egg hunts. So today im showing a series of pictures of my easter with a crib I painted for my cousins, daughters first birthday. (Peonies take forever to paint!). There's also a pink card I made to go with it. The bunny is just a practice from a list of suggestions to help me mess around with my style more. I couldn't be a true artist if I didn't copy mucha at least once.