Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1: Shinny/Secret

So for the last two weeks I tried isolating myself from people and distractions for the sake of getting things done. Not just to get art work done but everything else too. Like reading, exercising, eat healthy and so on. I do have a lot of art to show and I will be posting every day all week. Most things aren't really serious projects. More like thoughts in my head that I just needed to get out to be able to move onto something more serious or important. I know I cheated a bit towards the last week but I think things still proved to be successful and hopefully clearing my head will help me get to places I need to be sooner.

For my first post I decided to put something up that I worked on weeks ago for Illustration Friday. One week the word was shinny and the other it was secret. My concept worked really well with both and for anyone who has a ferret im sure I don't need to explain things. I did rush it a bit because it was sitting around for a while and I got bored of the idea. If I took more time on it id probably hand paint more jewelry in it.

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