Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School

So a group of illustrators and I have joined in illustrating a theme every now and then. This month it was school supplies/back to school. For me it ended up being a handful of studies. One is a turtle carrying supplies and then I have a girl too shy to enter the cafetaria and finally a few lunch box paintings. Later this week check out my friends blogs to see their take on it, Alexa Bosy, Alexandria Compo, Chris Harrington, and Samantha Weyant.

I think I haven't been able to do any finished illustrations lately cause my latest book has really been weighing heavily on my mind. My next posts will consist of tear sheets, post cards, and my next book.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cereal Part 3 & Steak

These will be the last of my cereal paintings for the moment. I did want to add more healthy ones but my time was running a bit short. I've noticed sugary cereals are much easier to paint while healthier one's look more simplistic but the pattern's and shape's are very tedious. The steak was a small painting I finished for a friend's birthday card.

My next project will take a lot of hours to finish and a quick deadline. Hopefully I can finish all I want to! Oh and something im very proud of, I finally bought my first grammar book. It's called "Woe Is I". Hopefully this will push me towards better writing. And thank you to all the people who read my blog with patience.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cereal Part 2

So today we have captain crunch, coco puffs, trix, fruity pebbles, honeycombs and cinnamon toast crunch. My next post will be healthier cereals.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cereal Part 1

Every now and then I go into a art depression and everything I make is awful. What I learned from this is to just suck it up and make bad thing after bad thing. I once had a teacher who would say "Every person has 10,000 bad paintings in them. So when you make one its a good thing cause you have one less in you." When I do get stuck in this cycle I go back to what I love and know and work my way back up from there. This time the cure ended up being cereal. I really love cereal (its my favorite food!)

It took so long to draw and paint such tedious cereal pieces that im going to post as I finish every few so expect more. For now here's lucky charms, cookie crisp, smacks, and count chocula.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spiders and Friends

A common discussion amongst friends nowadays seems to be people who actually peruse their degrees after graduation. There are different categories of people. The one's who have a job in their field and are too busy to make new work, people who work a dozen jobs and also paint like crazy, and the people who kinda hang in limbo and work just to get by. I do have a pretty large group of friends that are still eager to learn and push foreword by helping each other. This post is about a concept we picked to set a deadline for each other and really compare styles and hopefully gain more followers from it. For this project we decided to use a spider in a illustration.

Here's mine for now but later i might add theres just to compare differences. I also collaged a bunch for practice so just click the name and it will bring you to their blog. obviously there more people still working out there but for now here's a small group.

Chris Harrington

Alexandria Compo

Alexa Bosy

Samantha Weyant