Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2: Spaghetti Cow

Another random assignment I gave myself was to make an illustration off of my friends favorite animal, food and hobby. I had to work with cows or penguins, spaghetti, and sewing. Originally I had thought to create a cow with a quilt over her that penguins had sown to keep her warm. I made the quilt with a spaghetti like pattern but the illustration in itself had failed. The cow looks more like a deer and the idea is a bit unclear. So this is the last you'll see of spaghetti cow.

I hadn't realized it till this project but I have never drawn a cow before. So I have a few sketchs to go with the finished piece.


  1. I'm glad I gave you something challenging :)

  2. It was very challenging! I even threw a magazine and grouched away for a bit. Haha

  3. Nice! I knew immediately Sam was the friend, ha. I wasn't sure about the cow... but I knew for sure her favorite food was spaghetti and her hobby was sewing/quilting :) It's a fun piece & nice sketches.

    1. Thanks! I'll probably give it another try in a month. I made some weird stuff for this week haha