Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art Is Hard

Today I wanted to rant a little about what I do. I remember years ago I felt so hopeless with myself. I was without a style and quite honestly like most artists I wasn't born with a talent superior to any other person. Art is difficult for everyone in all sorts of ways. My roommate's at the time collaged their own little logo that said "art is hard". It amused me to see it everyday. It was reassuring to read it and even more so that my incredibly talented friends struggled as much as I did. Here's a poorly lit photo of it in our sophomore dorm.

Every now and then I do have to remind myself that im supposed to fail and not everything will turn out ok. I've avoided collaging for this reason. I used to have the same problem with watercolor but practicing daily has made me arrogent. I also need to remember that as much as I love watercolor i am no longer a watercolorist. Every illustration I've done is only 75% at most. They all have collage you just gotta look. This past weekend I tried forcing my abilities out with no real luck. Everything seems mediocre, rushed, even sloppy. 

Its funny in a way. I always thought finding your style was the difficult part but in reality I was given a style that is too advanced in what im capable of. Here are a few pieces that hid from me. The spider was a twin piece to my wolf. The very first of their kind when I was a junior in school. The others all done within the year. My friend chris done yesterday.

I'll still be collaging away. I wont be happy about it but I guess it's all a learning experience one way or another.


  1. Great stuff! No joke. I JUST did a sketch for a painting of a peacock. Same wavelength! Your peacock looks great. I like the close crop. I like the wolf spider too, the wolf spider and jumping spider have been on my list of things to paint as well. They are just too cute.

    1. Thanks! I miss collaging animals, I really need to get over my fear of cut paper and start getting back into it, haha We should both make a spider post one day. it would be interesting to see how we approach the concept with such different styles :)

    2. yeah totally! I could post both of our interpretations on my blog. That would be fun :) Cut paper scares me too. I used to do a lot of collage and cut paper, but I felt like it was always up to chance whether or not it came out well which is a difficult risk to take when you need something to look good :P I do miss it though.