Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tea Party Birthday

I know I know...I missed last weeks post...I really have no excuse accept that I was lazy and I need to stop waiting last minute to do everything. I really do enjoy blogging. It helps me keep a balance between unrelated work, my commissions and thing's I really want to get to for no apparent reason.

For this week I have a few flower practice's and an invite from my niece's birthday. The front was originally her birthday card. I tweaked it a bit to have something with more typography for my design portfolio. I also made her hello kitty cupcakes!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ocean Of Pancakes

Illustration Friday's word this week is ocean so I made an ocean of pancakes. I can't really explain it. I just painted what was in my heart and what looked delicious...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle

For today I really don't have much artwork. I just wanted to briefly talk about the new years. For my resolution I really wanted to peruse better health for life. For those of you who know me know I have a long history of stomach problems and sever anemia. Im really not a fan of medication so my goal is to be smart and go natural instead of filling myself with unhealthy chemicals. All of this is also incredible for confidence and anxiety. So here's a list of things I want for myself and hopefully I will find way's to keep up with it.

As a side note I will get over my fear of success and start putting my signatures on my illustrations and getting them seen more often. (I know I know)

1. Avoid foods that make me sick.
2. Eat as organic and fresh as possible (I am not giving up bacon!)
3. Eat frequently with lots of water and a cup of green/ginger tea per day.
4. Work out at least 30minutes a day (I have so many jillian michaels dvd's...)
5. Keep up with my vitamins

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Catch-Up

It has been so long since I last made a blog post and I feel so terribly guilty for it! As promised i'm going to start posting every tuesday starting on the new year's. The last few months have been a bit chaotic and distracting for me but I promise there will be lot's of cute updates ahead. Today I wanted to show some mini projects I have been working on. Next week i'll post three new years goals along with an illustration per one.

So first off, I created thank you notes to go along with a gingerbread card and red envelope for most people. In total I printed 120 cards and 32 thank you's. During all of this I have been painting on the side for a basket class (I'll show that work later on). Last minute I created a MonkeyBread recipe for TheyDrawAndCook as a way to get back into painting after the holiday's. There were a few failed attempt paintings but it happens and no way will I show any of those. So that's all for now! Have a great New Year's everyone! :]