Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Jackets

Ive been playing around more with hard cover book binding and decided they look better with a glossy dust cover. It was a painful process to put it all together but in the end they look nice. Here's the jackets for now. Soon i'll take some photos of the actual books but I might just wait till survey for that.

It is finally the end of the year and most of my work is complete thankfully. I'm really going to miss having a class with Frederick Brosen. I have to admit, most of my watercolor class was experimenting on my own time but painting in class with a little conversation here and there was much nicer then being a hermit in my room. Sadly i've discovered I love going to class just to take a break from working at my desk. Ether way, if it wasn't for him my paintings would be dull with color as if someone pee'd transparent colors on paper. Anyways, more updates to come! I really want to catch up with the work I have been doing. n.n