Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stoney lane Basketry

So for those of you who ever look or follow my blog I'm sure you've noticed the holiday card's I have been working on. This past weekend I ended up selling a few at Stoney Lane Basketry at a Holiday Open House. They have amazing crafts, quilts, baskets and so many other cute things. They have decided to continue to sell holiday themed goods the first three weekends of December. So for anyone who lives in RI and is interested ether ask me for details or check out the facebook link I attached.

I also added some sign's to help sell my card's. More typography practice! Oh! I am also selling my holiday card's in my new Etsy store. I'll eventually add the link to my blog. I still want to add a few more items first.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Typography: Apple Pie

In the last year or so I have made a huge effort to find my style and become more skilled with my mediums of choice. Now I feel like it's time to move onto a greatly avoided topic. Typography. I love it and would love to be skilled and more knowledgable about it but it's a love/hate relationship. I don't have the greatest patience for it but I feel like it would benefit my work greatly. So to better my skills and refresh my memories with illustrator I decided to make a project out of it. I would like to get ether a single project or three smaller ones in a week. Hopefully I can make a total of 40-50 different practices by february-ish.

I would love any constructive criticism or opinions on any of these. It's greatly appreciated and hopefully my work will get stronger as times goes on. First project is something im more comfortable with. I just played with the words apple pie. Also sorry for all the chaos! I'd show each one separately but I like the circle. Lesson learned for next time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Card's

Here's two more holiday cards I've been working on. I'm still fooling around with a few other ideas so im really not sure what illustrations i'll actually use. When I get up to ten I'll probably ask opinions on what 5 I should sell in a set. For these guy's I made a mouse making snowmen out of powdered donuts and a turkey dinner. I love making people hungry!

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Moon Girls "The Chosen One"

I wasn't expecting to post today but im very happy to share this! New Moon Girl just released their November/December issue which means I can finally share a illustration I made with them! It was a little out of my element but im very proud of myself for the outcome. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late Halloween Rant

I know....it's been a while since I last posted anything new. All my work has been put off for the last week or so. Between being sick with some weird throat virus and this random hurricane. It's just been a mess all around. So for halloween I originally planned to show my foodie drawings with some recipes. I just didn't have the time to finish everything. I did use illustration friday as a warm up for things to come. The word was haunt. The scariest thing in the world thats bound to be haunted or possessed is a doll. Well...thats my logic anyways...