Friday, February 17, 2017

Back and Forth

Ive been so back and forth with what social media to use and what makes more sense. For the next few months i'll be avoiding Facebook in an attempt to stop procrastinating so much. I will still be blogging every Tuesday but back on my website blog. All my other accounts such as Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter will all be linked to my website. Please be patient with me as I see what works better. My website is in the upper right corner of this blog and my podcast is in the left corner.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Imperfect Part 2

Finished painting but no illustration Friday this week. I waited a few days to post my blog in hopes of getting the motivation to create and show more. Didn't happen but i'm still pushing for the weekly posts so please be patient with me. I love the finished product of this painting but it doesn't really fit in with my children book style. I love the sketch so much though that I created a sketch page to my website, check it out Here

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Imperfect Part 1

With all the struggles Ive had as an artist I think my biggest enemy is and always will be the struggle for perfectionism. The last two weeks I have been forcing this idea of finishing a painting that I really don't care for. The drawing was so fun but the end result is boredom. On top of that, when im bored i'll force myself to try over and over again to get this amazing result that never happens. For now on if i get bored or stuck I'll just force myself to move on to something else so there's always something for my weekly blogs.  With that said, the so called boredom painting is the word for internet. It's probably going to stay just a drawing. My second Sketch is for this weeks word, "Up". I love this illustration and you can count on me finishing the painting for next week. Till then, eat lot's of cake!