Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poster Design

I suppose as far as design goes it has been a decent past month. Im having my 3rd interview tomorrow and i was accepted into The Creative Group to help build my experience. Now hopefully I can get a every day/ stable job so im not constantly on edge. I love freelancing and I will always have small jobs but for the moment I have decided to go the desk job route.

For tomorrow's interview I came up with a bunch of new designs. Here's two, the others are still in progress. I thought I could use my past experience as a mentor and sustainable adviser to show designs I was hired to make. As a sustainable (eco rep) for Pratt I did have to make posters for events every now and then but they weren't very good...So here's a different take on them that is more to the level im at now.


  1. I like them both especially the bake sale - just make sure ur punctuation is correct before your interview & good luck!