Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Week

I know this post is a little late but at least it's still Tuesday. For this week I made my weekly food painting practice's and a quick painting I did for my mom. It has been a busy week but a very fun Easter. Having a niece at the age of two makes life very interesting. One day I will have to make an epic series of illustrations based on the Easters I had as a kid. The day would start with a treasure map filled with clues and riddles to find my Easter basket and eggs on the way. My sister and I were always lucky enough to find live animals in our baskets. Those animals included, baby chickens, ducks, geese, roasters, and rabbits. After a few years we had a small group of barn of animals in my backyard.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. I'm currently attempting to create a new logo for my name. If all goes well expect to see it within the week. Next week I'll start posting about my latest book dummy :)


  1. Love that peep! I do actually like caramel cadbury eggs better than the creme ones. Also you got LIVE animals when you were little!? Not even fair!

    I saw your flower painting on facebook and I still think it's beautiful. One of my favorites you've done so far. I love the addition of charcoal.

    1. Haha yea, RI farms sell fertilized eggs but you have to buy a dozen at once.

      Thanks! I'm not much of a fine artist but its a good attempt. I think every 6 months I manage to collect a garbage bag of bad paintings.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't say that. I think it's more than a good attempt! Fine art is such a flexible term anyway :) I have many rejects too. All part of the process!

  3. Love the pansies, and I'll take a cupcake, too!!!