Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While your waiting....

Today's blog post will be a filler for my work to come. After a chaotic week I didn't get done as much as I wanted to. So i'll to post my larger project next week (book dummy). Thankfully my computer is happy once more. After hours of cleaning it out and using all sorts of weird methods of computer craziness I discovered the problem was a mixture of firefox taking up space and being awful and a corrupt link to my main hardrive. Thankfully I remembered where I put my original apple installation cd and I now use google chrome.

So for today while your waiting (if anyone even looks at my blog) here's a photo of what I carry in my bag. A very fun project inspired by this website. Also another way to procrastinate! I forgot to add my medical bracelet which was in my bag and I obviously couldn't add my camera. Blah!

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