Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Post Card

The last few weeks have been so chaotic that I couldn't help but fall into a ball of self doubt when facing my art. A few times a year I always seem to repeat the process. This might sound odd but painting food helps me get past these negative thoughts. Its a way for me to paint and enjoy what im doing without overly thinking about my career or the concept.

So I started with that and then moved onto illustration friday. For heights I wanted to do something with a seagull looking down at a starfish. At that point I painted so many donuts that I just had to add them somehow. Long story short this is now my new post card haha. I will try to get more of my next book idea done. I keep second guessing myself on how to approach the story and characters.


  1. Yeah, I know just what you mean. Of course, I don't think *you* should have that problem because your paintings are beautiful and interesting and really well done. But I suppose even the most successful artists experience self doubt from time to time. I'm not even going to complain that I wish you hadn't made me want to eat donuts now!

    1. Haha thanks! I think my goal is to make everyone as hungry as possible ;D

  2. That's funny--drawing food to get over self-doubts. It never would have occurred to me. But those donuts do look great, and I really like the painting with the seagull and donuts. They are scavengers, even when they're not taking the most healthy food in the world.....

  3. Better to DRAW sweets to get over self-doubt than EAT them! :) Wow, that gull hit the jackpot!!! More gorgeous work from you this week! And as in weeks past, you've succeeded in making me hungry!!