Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Optimistic Sagittarius

I know it's been weeks since my last post and due to a temporary lack of adobe programs and excessive shopping, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the years since college. Today I am twenty six marking almost four years since school! I feel like I have changed so much and as this year ends i've realized that a lot of really tough situations in my life have really turned out for the better. Hence the title, optimistic sagittarius.

I narrowed my experiences down to five categories with a short description of each. I wanted to share my own personal experience since school to give another point of view. 

1. Relocating: I did live in Brooklyn for a bit after college but ended up moving home due to living expenses being too extensive and I wasn't around the greatest group of people. Moving back to RI was kind of a bummer but now looking back on it I really needed the time to breath and take in everything I experience while at Pratt. It gave me an opportunity to re-discover myself and have a better sense of my ambitions. 

2. Relationships: A few relationships/friendships and even some family members are no longer in my life. I think this is the hardest lesson for most. If anyone brings drama, pain, or negativity into your life while ignoring personal boundaries they are not worth having in your life. Obviously its not as easy to push someone away as that. But by doing so I was able to befriend unlikely people I wouldn't have talked to before. 

3. Health: This was another great reason why I moved back home. It took a few more ER visits and a lot of weird symptoms to discover I have celiac disease. It took three days to feel healthy and it will take almost a year for gluten to completely leave my system. Theres so many ways this has changed my life. I could go on forever with the list. Its one of those things; You don't know how sick you really are until you experience being healthy. For me this was my first thanksgiving not being sick. My first birthday not being sick. 

4. School: Pratt is a very expensive college with very stressful and time consuming courses. I absolutely loved it but between working after class and being sick all the time I really didn't get to enjoy it. So im attending RISD in the spring for children book illustration and jewelry. I'll be paying class by class so way less stress and absolutely no more loans. 

5. Work: I think this has been the most common issue for most graduates. I have had over twenty graphic design interviews for all sorts of companies and projects. I never had luck getting hired or paid but they have all pushed me to know most adobe programs to an obsessive degree. I have almost 5 miscellaneous jobs that keep my head above water and my life is incredibly interesting. One of my boss's is actually a children book illustrator! (Couldn't have asked for a more obvious sign)

Well that about sums it up! I have been through many failures in the last few years but most have paid off and I really enjoy the path i'm on right now and who Im becoming as a person. 

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