Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day Part 1

First off, how could anyone dislike a holiday built around love and chocolate? In my opinion if you don't have a really amazing significant other then it's just an excuse to fall into a ball of self pity and complain about advertising in this country. I never celebrated this holiday in a romantic sense but that doesn't mean I hate it, I just havent had the greatest relationships. So if you feel yourself getting down about it make plans with a friend, go love yourself and go shopping for yourself or be like most of the population and wait the day after to buy chocolate half off.

So on that note...I have to say, valentine cards for kids are absolutely adorable. I have to give so much credit to whoever designs them. I had a go and as simple as mine are it was difficult to make them interesting and still make sense together. Oh and I will be posting the second part of this on thursday!


  1. Dude, these cupcakes are amazing. And your Valentine's designs are mad cute.