Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Taking a step Backward

I know I know, originally I was going to use a new and cleaned up blog to continue my path as an illustrator. Unfortunately I forgot something along the way. I closed my website and revisited a lot of old work. Its been difficult trying to find what made me so happy before. Recently I attended a good friends wedding. For a gift I forced myself to create a comic depicting when we first met and a million inside jokes and memories. It was very rushed over a matter of weeks. During sickness, drunkness and self hatred I pulled through. The end result was amazing. There was a moment where it brought tears to the eyes of a room full of people. Not to sound arrogant but I know I can be good when I try. But this was different. It wasn't just about being good at art or having knowledge of adobe programs. Something I made moved certain individuals whether they got the jokes or not. There was a understanding and relativeness that made me feel so fulfilled. I can't say Ive felt that way for nearly a decade.

It was an amazing wedding with amazing friends. It was all a great reminder that I shouldn't give up on myself just yet.

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