Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn Post Card (Part 1)

I've been so terrible with my blogging schedule this month! Im so ashamed...but you know, at least i'm back now and moving on with the next series. One thing I would love to get into the habit of is sending out post cards every few months. I really dislike re-sending a design too.

So for autumns Illustration I created a cat bothering some portraits full of agitated monsters. For now I have the sketch. Obviously its taking way longer then thought especially since each portrait will be collaged separately and added later digitally. Im also forcing myself to sketch everything first. And on atrocious paper so theres no room for hours of erasing. Its proving to be incredibly helpful. The bottom illustration was a practice to get back into the groove of watercolor. Then I later tried designing it to fit the back of my business card. The type was a nightmare. Blah I say! Blah! Not sure what will become of that. Who knows.

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