Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spiders and Friends

A common discussion amongst friends nowadays seems to be people who actually peruse their degrees after graduation. There are different categories of people. The one's who have a job in their field and are too busy to make new work, people who work a dozen jobs and also paint like crazy, and the people who kinda hang in limbo and work just to get by. I do have a pretty large group of friends that are still eager to learn and push foreword by helping each other. This post is about a concept we picked to set a deadline for each other and really compare styles and hopefully gain more followers from it. For this project we decided to use a spider in a illustration.

Here's mine for now but later i might add theres just to compare differences. I also collaged a bunch for practice so just click the name and it will bring you to their blog. obviously there more people still working out there but for now here's a small group.

Chris Harrington

Alexandria Compo

Alexa Bosy

Samantha Weyant

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