Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tomie Depaola Competition

First off let me say that I have never been a fan of chicken little. Receiving this opportunity to apply to a SCBWI conference scholarship was more then appreciated but the assignment was a very tough Challenge. To enter you have to illustrate a paragraph from Chicken Little. This assignment brought up two things Ive been avoiding. A large detailed scene and a composition with more then two characters. I suppose this was great practice and possibly a very good portfolio piece. I would love any critiques/ opinions on my final piece. Along with the final I have my rough sketch (slightly different. Loosey Goosey gave me lots of problems) and a photo of some of my researching. Remember that the library is always your best friend. I ordered over seventeen chicken little books and took photos of my favorite spreads for comparison.


  1. Heather, that piece is AMAZING!!! Great job, seriously! Definitely a portfolio piece! I really love it!

  2. Thanks! Ive stared at it so long I can't tell if its good or not haha