Sunday, March 6, 2011


So about a month ago I decided to make something very special for my cousin's baby shower. I wanted to make a personal childrens book with her son's name in it making their favorite cookies.(Or so I think). It was more rushed then I would like due to being sick during most of it but I'm very happy she liked it and that I can finally post it on my blog!

It was my first time using  and unfortunately the front cover title got cropped. I really thought my template was the right size but I guess it happens. Next time I'll try another publishing site just to keep my options open.

Here's the cover with the back. I ended up putting the recipe on the back.

Here's a preview of some pieces I liked from the inside.


  1. i like your illustrations for the book - very nicely done. what a a great idea. i will check out LuLu

  2. What a nice gift! The art is very cute, and makes such a nice keepsake.